Silk's Blessings

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There are many benefits around sleeping in silk. For your sleep and your health:


Silk bed linen has a natural adaptation to our body temperatures also depending on the climate. It is moist absorbent in the hot summers, yet always leave a cool and dry sensation towards the skin. Silk can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture and still remain dry. In the cold winters the material very quickly helps regulate your temperature and warms up around you. Silk is perfect for both cold winter nights and long hot summers.


Silk is an ideal choice of bedding for allergy sufferers and people with asthma, which most will start to experience soon after they start sleeping in silk. The most common form of allergy is dust mites-related. When enzymes from the dust mites are inhaled by people,  it can produce strong allergic reactions such as asthma, allergy or sneezing attacks. It is however nearly impossible for dust mites to live in silk bedding due to the densely woven silk material.  Using silk duvets and silk bed linen together can therefore significantly reduce the number of dust mites that would normally live in your bed. This improves the quality of sleep and also help to avoid developing allergies.

Dry skin and Eczema

Silk has an incredible ability to help our skin by restoring it’s moisture balance through the natural amino acids found in mulberry silk. Silk is therefore perfect for people with dry skin. Sleep on it’s own is always a good cure for de-stressing and revitalizing your skin, but sleeping in silk will only reinforce the positive effect on the skin's moisture balance. Particularly children suffering from eczema have experienced extremely positive effects on their skin, in most cases the eczema has gone completely after few months of sleeping in silk. If you would like to know more about eczema and silk, please do not hesitate to email us for more details.


Silk bed linen and duvets are generally lighter materials, which people who suffer from osteoarthritis find more comfortable than heavy duvet. While this may sound trivial, the pressure of an ordinary duvet - compared to a silk duvet - can cause extra stress to inflamed joints, and a light duvet makes the process of turning over in bed far easier. With a silk duvet your comfort and sleep quality will be much better.


Silk pillow cases are breathable and is made of perfectly smooth fibers, whereas cotton pillowcases have a coarser texture that can cause your hair to break, tangle or get frizzy. The moisture wicking properties of Pure Silks pillowcases help restore your hairs beauty and to keep it nourished and aid towards split ends therefore significantly reduce hair damage. Silk bedding does not counteract actual hair loss. However, silk fibers have a similar structure to human hair, and sleeping on a silk pillowcase causes no mechanical irritation, meaning you will wear less on your hair. Many hairdressers know this and strongly recommend sleeping on silk as a way of preventing un-necessary wear and tear on your hair.


Silk has an amazing ability to keep us cool when it's hot, and warm when it's cold. The more common quilts as down, feathers and polyester duvets work more like a pressure cooker. When we sleep, our body heat is reflected back to us from the duvet. This continues all night, and it can cause overheating, particularly experienced by women in menopause or with babies. Pure Silk's duvets are manufactured by using a technique that puts layer upon layer of silk in a criss-cross pattern. This design allows for our excess body heat to seep through the duvet, leaving us warm, but not too hot. Silk provide a more constant temperature throughout the night and thereby allow our bodies to have a more restful sleep.


New studies in the U.S. points out that silk seem reassuring especially when it comes to stress. Pure Silk follow these studies with great interest. The improved sleep balance that people seem to get to sleeping in silk applies to both children and adults. (Source: U. S. National Library of Medicine)