Our Philosophy

All humans need sleep. Some of us more than others, and while we sleep our bodies recharge the energy levels, it repairs itself, and gives our brain a well-deserved rest. Sleep is essential to humans.

Which is why it is a little odd how little we consider the environment we sleep in. Imagine we could actually do something truly great for ourselves during those many hours we sleep? Choosing to sleep in silk makes this possible.

Silk bedding has so many advantages to the human body that stretches far beyond a simple soft feel to the touch. One might go so far as to say there is no greater love you could show your body than to surround it in silk every night. Our skin loves silk, our hair prefers it, our lungs enjoy the fewer dust mites, our bodies can easily keep a regular temperature thought out the night, we turn effortlessly in our sleep on silk, it counter acts stress levels and helps when we suffer from any inflamed joint aches or skin eczema.

And at a deeper level, one might argue that sleeping in silk is equal to treating yourself to pure kindness, to showing your inner core that you want what is the very best for YOU by surrounding yourself in a sleep environment that feels like a soft caress to the soul.

We all deserve to sleep in silk. That’s our philosophy.

Annemette Derry – owner of Pure Silks: "it is a daily challenge to raise my 4 children in abundance of care, attention and heart. Every night when I put them to bed, I am grateful I can wrap them in silk. Somehow it works in perfect symbiosis with the love I give them during the day”.