Treat yourself to a healthier sleep


The average bed often contains as many as 20,000 dust mites. However the dust mites do not thrive in silk, so by changing your bedding to silk, you can massively improve the bedroom environment. Considering that we sleep 5-8 hours of every single day - think about that for a minute - you should treat yourself to a healthier sleep. Pure Silks produce duvets and pillows with a filling of 100% pure silk fibers forming what looks like a thick silk cobweb. Many layers of this fine silk web is placed on top of each other until it reaches the desired weight. Our duvets and pillows are available with cotton or with silk casing.

Pure Silks products are all made of 100% pure mulberry silk, i.e. there are no added or unwelcomed synthetics. Our production is environmentally and ethically in accordance with our own values of fair trade and proper treatment of both people and nature. Our silk comes from small local farms in China, where the silk worms are treated respectfully and also ensures silk farmers a good return on their silk. Furthermore, as a result of using local silk worm farms, there is no long-range transport of the raw material involved, which is better for everybody's precious environment.