Children and Silk


Let your child sleep like the emperors. Here's why:

6 weeks old and already addicted to silk bed linen

6 weeks old and already addicted to silk bed linen

Silk bed linen and duvets are healthier than down, feather or synthetic bedding, all of which can house around 20.000 dust mites per bed. You spare your child for these unwelcome bed companions by using silk duvets or bed linen, as dust mites cannot easily live in the dence fibres of silk- Silk bedding is therefore hypoallergenic and provides and healthy sleep environment.

Silk bedding is warm in the winters and cool in summers, working in complete symbiosis with your child's body to regulate temperature, which gives a contented, deep sleep.

Silk feels delicate, yet the fibers are dense and strong with an amazing insulation ability making sure your child is warm yet not over heated. Silk can also absorb about 30% of its own weight in moisture, without feeling wet on your skin.

Silk has a great ability to help our skin by restoring its moisture balance through its many natural amino acids. Silk can especially help children suffering from eczema and has a immensely positive effect for revitalising and soothing the skin.

Children love silk. Perhaps because silk appeals to children's imagination as the fabric feels alive and vibrant to the touch. Perhaps children just know what's good for them! Being wrapped up in a sea of soft silk is soothing for their souls.

Try Pure Silks bed linen for your child and them them experience the true joy of sleeping like an emperor. However be aware after sleeping in silk; your child will never again want to sleep in ordinary linen.

Of course we strongly believe it should be every child's right to have the experience of sleeping in silk.

At a slightly more profound level we do also believe that babies already from birth are clever, sensitive little beings, who must be treated with both love and respect. They are humans in their purest form and it is only natural to wish for them to be wrapped in silk, which has seen no chemicals near it.
In some circles it is believed that children born in this decade are particularly emotionally intelligent and in tune with their own spirituality. Much more than any of us adults. All children respond to silk in a way, which can leave no doubt that silk is simply part of what they need.
With all the stress and pollution which is our reality around us, our world today is in need of these intelligent children. At Pure Silks we would like to help the new generation by allowing them to rest at night in the purest and softest of all materials. To help nourish their senses and intelligence, so they may grow up and create a better world for us and generations to come.

Annemette Derry - Director Pure Silks and mother of 4 children: It is a significant and large challenge to on a daily basis provide the correct amount of attention, love and guiding for my 4 children. At night when I tug them up in the softest waves of silk, I witness how it puts a smile on their little faces. I am grateful for that, because it makes me feel as if they are caressed by love throughout the night.