Silk care


Washing instructions for silk linen.

With the right and easy care you are able to keep your silk bedding just as long as your ordinary bed linen.
Silk bed linen can go straight into the washing machine. We recommend washing at 30 degrees

  • Always use silk or wool washing powder

  • Always use the silk or wool programme on the washing machine

  • Wash dark or strong colours separate from your silk bed linen.

  • We can recommend using a washing bag for your silk

  • Air dry your silk bed linen, rather than use a tumbler dryer. It's better for the silk and its certainly better for our environment.

  • You can iron silk bed linen, but on lowest degrees on your iron.

  • Never use any chemicals or bleach near the silk. Certain fruit juices can also act as an acid if left unattended on the silk

Advice on usage of Filled Duvets and Pillows

Silk fibre is self-cleaning and must NOT be washed in chemical substances
To maintain and keep your silk duvet it is important to:

Do not wash in a washing mashine, Always use a duvet cover
Make sure you air your duvet regularly – preferably in the sunshine