Preserve and rejuvernate your skin by sleeping in silks

Preserve and rejuvernate your skin by sleeping in silks


Silk is a completely natural product without side effects, and the human body responds in a much higher symbiosis with silk than synthetic products or feather. One of the many benefits of sleeping in silk is its anti age capabilities. The natural materials in silk will promote your skin's gloss, nutriment, softness and elasticity. It is a natural and easy method of preserving your skin and giving it the best possible options for rejuvernating itself. Pure Silks has ensured that our silk bed linen is not treated with any chemicals and it has therefore kept it's natural content of protein and Sericin. Sericin has a similar composition to our skin and is quickly absorbed providing moisture to the skin, and helping control the synthesis of melanin. In addition to this; sericin helps conservate the skin's moisture as it simulates the outer layer of the skin. Sericin is what you find in most expensive anti age creams - with a Pure Silks pillowcase you will literally be sleeping on anti age treatment.


Silk has an amazing ability to keep us cool when it's hot, and warm when it's cold. The more common quilts as down, feathers and polyester duvets work more like a pressure cooker. When we sleep, our body heat is reflected back to us from the duvet. This continues all night, and it can cause overheating, particularly experienced by women in menopause. Or babies. Pure Silk's duvets are manufactured by using a technique that puts layer upon layer of silk in a criss-cross pattern. This design allows for our excess body heat to seep through the duvet, leaving us warm, but not too hot. Silk provide a more constant temperature throughout the night and thereby allow our bodies to have a more restful sleep.

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Revitalise yourself

Silk will rejuvenate your skin, and boost your wellbeing as you sleep ensuring you to wake up next feeling revitalised