Advice on buying Silk


Choose carefully when buying silk duvets, pillows and silk linen

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Beware of a false economy. Silk bed linen is often offered at huge discount prices. Although it may seem like a bargain, make sure your new silk bedding meet certain crucial criteria. It is worth verifying that the silk is 100% mulberry silk bed linen, and not a blend of materials like silk and polyester.

Regarding buying silk duvets, please always note the weight. It varies greatly and the price will depend on how much actual silk is in the duvet. Please also note that some companies sprays their silk duvets with chemicals, so they can be washed in a machine. Pure Silks duvets cannot be washed and are not sprayed with any surface chemicals.

Last but not least, our advice when purchasing silk is that you support a company that has prioritised to find environmentally friendly resourced silk. It is possible for silk companies to buy silk at a huge financial benefit from large silk farms, but some workshops such as ours invest time and effort to buy from small family-run operations. These ensure that silk farmers get a good return on their silk, and that the silk catapillars are treated with respect and care. Silk from small farms are always finer, stronger and healthier than silk from large factories.