About Us


Pure Silks is a family run business started in Copenhagen in 2008 with the vision of supplying good quality mulberry silk bed linen and silk bedding to children and adults.

“There is a magical connection between silk and humans”
The idea of sleeping in silk was born same time as my son Alexander. I looked at this little human, and I was blown away by how unspoiled and how pure he was. I realised we are all born pure, but then so quickly surrounded by chemicals and pollution and even ugly thoughts. The idea of creating a shield for my little son by wrapping him in silk at night appealed to me, and I started searching for silk bed linen for children. As I couldn’t find it in any shops at the time, a friend very kindly made a set of silk for Alexander. And that was it!. No way was he ever going back to normal cotton after that! To this day he - and the siblings that followed – sleeps in silk every night.

It is a challenge to find 100% mulberry silk of good quality. When a friend told me of a workshop in China with proper work conditions and good environment ethics, I knew I had something to offer to others. We created the web shop and hope it will give people a chance to find the silk they are after. All people deserve to sleep in silk.